S&P Adventures – the React Native EU conference

React Native EU took place on the 5th – 6th of September 2019, in Wroclaw, Poland. The first European conference on this technology brought together a combination of panels, contributors, speakers, and workshops focused solely on React Native. Every attendee discovered new quirks in this particular field, while also increasing their admiration for React Native.

Even though it is a relatively young technology, unstable sometimes with unreliable behavior now and then, it feels more and more that it’s going to reach its maturity and that is a wonderful prospect to look forward to. At first, it might seem like this technology is quite a risk to learn because of its novelty, but the more you learn about it, you start to feel amazed by it – the possibility of combining React library with the mobile platform is what brings joy to the React Native developer. Its ability to build apps on both Android and iOS is maybe the greatest capability of React Native.

Taking part in React Native EU 2019, together with a world of people who share the same thoughts and emotions about this technology, we felt that React Native is moving fast towards success within this thriving community. We very much enjoyed the atmosphere there – it’s great to know you are surrounded by people working in the same field that you do and with whom you can exchange ideas and challenges.

Topics covered during the conference included a dedicated JS engine for React Native – Hermes, a better and faster code reload, improving JS-Native communication by removing the bridge, implementing auto-linking of Native dependencies and making iOS dependencies easier to maintain by using CocoaPods, plus the new releases of vital libraries, such as React navigation. All of these surely drew the present developers closer to this technology and will certainly draw newcomers towards it as well.

One of the greatest information that we gathered from this conference was learning that the React Native developers started to work on solutions to improve it. In this particular moment, to be able to build the communication between JavaScript and the Native packages you need a bridge, which now people work to eliminate. We found that very informative and helpful and we feel that it would be a great development for the React Native technology. Moreover, this means that the communication between the Native packages and JavaScript could be more direct and so, through this big architectural change, it could improve its performance considerably.

Another great topic was about the dedicated JS engine – Hermes – which improves overall performance by shortening boot time, decreasing memory usage and reducing app size by more than a half.

React Native EU is the place to be if you want to engage with fellow coders working on the same technology as you, as you get the chance to see other perspectives on React Native while also discovering the newest developments in this field. We are sure looking forward to the next conference!

Wroclaw, see you next year!