Salt&Pepper joins Pangea, an elite community of software development companies

Cluj-Napoca, Romania – We are proudly announcing that Salt&Pepper is officially a verified partner. Pangea is hosting an elite community of the top 7% of software development companies around the world. This new partnership will contribute towards our mission of building digital products that matter.

The path to becoming Pangea approved 

One of our organization’s core values is trust, which we believe can be achieved only through a high degree of transparency. Therefore, we felt that a partnership with Pangea and their independent evaluation process would help showcase our company’s profile transparently and cohesively for current and future partners.

To be part of Pangea required us to go through an in-depth audit that covered all areas of our business. It involved our leadership team to the fullest, our clients’ review and scoring, and a great deal of the Salt&Pepper team’s feedback about our company’s culture, ways of working, and their well-being.

It has been an intense process that gave us a unique opportunity to take an objective look into our company and the structure we’ve managed to build over the past five years. The results confirmed the great work we have done over the past years and allowed us to discover new ways to improve ourselves further.

Revealing discoveries that Pangea helped us make 

We’ve learned very valuable things from going through this process of onboarding. The first one was related to our team’s well-being and level of satisfaction at the workplace where we achieved an average score of 8.9 for Team Health. We’ve always believed our secret lies within our team — a proactive team that’s passionate about their work, always curious enough to want to learn something new, and who challenges the status quo every day.

As much as we loved seeing these great results we were also on the lookout for areas we can further improve, especially as we all went through some challenging and unpredictable months this past year. The Pangea team survey was another confirmation of the work we are doing in better engaging and looking out for our team’s well-being as we navigate through this global pandemic.

In Q2 and Q3 of this year we plan to put in place an internal mentorship program together with new and fun ways for our team to engage with one another, both remotely and also face to face, in order to keep our team culture alive:

“Our team brings the most outstanding value to our clients, so it’s our primary goal to ensure our colleagues are performing at their best.

We are constantly putting our best effort into improving all areas that impact our colleagues’ well-being. 

We have various team events in place to keep us connected, motivated and provide a supportive and responsive environment to their needs, always considering their feedback on how we can improve the way we work together.

We aim to develop our growth programs and feedback systems further, thus creating an individual career path for all of our colleagues.

All this while having fun doing what we love.” 

Anda Tot, HR & Office Manager at Salt&Pepper

As for our clients, we were delighted to score an overall 9.6 satisfaction out of 10, way above the 8.6 Pangea community average. This was a good recognition of our work over the years and gave us the necessary insights to work towards a perfect 10.

We’ve worked tirelessly to create an organization that will respond to tomorrow’s challenges and not to today’s problems. An organizational structure that will ensure our team and our clients a smooth sail no matter the challenge received.

Cristin Iosif, CEO at Salt&Pepper

Part of the Salt&Pepper team during one of the most impressive team buildings in Greece, 2019.

Achieving excellence and building products that matter

We are thrilled to be part of Pangea’s elite community with only 7% of the world’s top software development companies. As we are proud of this achievement and our company profile, it is safe to say that we are just getting started. Investing in our team’s well-being and development was and will always be a priority, along with ensuring them with the latest technologies and business processes to provide our customers with the best products and services on the market.

We knew from the first interactions we would like to join Pangea. After completing the onboarding process, we truly believe this partnership is a good step towards further achieving our mission of building products that matter. These products have a real-world impact for the better.