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We build a low code web builder that allows users to create their own NFT marketplace, collections, events and managing their revenue through a crypto wallet without writing a single line of code.

7 Team members
2022 – 2023 Collaboration

The Company and Product

xFabric is a sovereign blockchain module, and core blockchain application, deployable in minutes, fully customizable providing users with a robust and versatile platform, that empowers anyone to effortlessly build, manage, and oversee their very own website with little to no coding knowledge required.

With the flexibility to customize the site to suit a wide array of purposes, be it a community-focused social hub, an NFT marketplace, a professional business showcase, or even a creative portfolio, it serves as an all-inclusive destination to enable any Web3 idea to come to reality.

“We were dedicated to our vision, so we partnered with Salt & Pepper again, just as we did for a previous mobile project. Their consistent high quality and expertise were crucial in shaping this product.”

Stefan Szakal
Head of Core Applications at MultiversX

Scope and highlights

The primary goal of this platform is to enable anyone to create and operate NFT marketplaces on the blockchain. The core focus of the project is to maintain user-friendliness while not sacrificing the advantages that the blockchain ecosystem offer. xFabric aims to provide an all-in-one solution for those looking to explore new opportunities in the Web3 space and want to have a quick way of building Web3 solutions.

Domain and Hosting Integration: Offers domain registration and hosting services, simplifying the process of getting your website online.

More than 1000 Test Cases written for the project

Analytics and Reporting: Tracking data and usage is done seamlessly delivering on the user friendly and streamlined promise of the platform.

SEO Setup

Multimedia integration: Can add images and videos with options for gallery, sliders and more.

Kaban was the preferred WOW as needs change quite often and we need to be agile enough to pick-up new/better functionalities and drop/postpone others.



Express JS


AWS Cognito

Digital Ocean





Graph QL

Rabbit MQ

AWS Lambda






The Challenge

We managed to deliver an MVP in under 3 months and due to the urgency of the launch we prioritised development and set milestones that would guarantee launching the product withut compromising on the value proposition and quality of the site builder, NFT marketplace, events or wallet sections of the platform.

Key challenges of the project:

  • Offering the best User Experience for setting up a metaspace. (Design-Frontend meetings made this possible)
  • Bringing together multiple moving parts and co-existing with chain technology as a separate SaaS project.
  • Conducting QA testing as it more often involved multiple applications (xPortal, MultiversX API, xSpotlight, etc.).

The Process

In the development of the xFabric platform, the synergy between the S&P designers and developers played a pivotal role in shaping its success. The designers, apart from structuring the project effectively, took on the task of maintaining and improving the existing design system. Their close collaboration with the client and lead designer resulted in the creation of user flows that exceeded stakeholder expectations. This comprehensive effort not only met project objectives but also established a solid foundation for the development phase.

During the development process, the team embraced an agile approach, allowing them to adapt to continuous changes in real-time. Highly polished Figma screens and flows served as the blueprint for the development work, with daily meetings ensuring everyone stayed on the same page. With minimal formal meetings, the focus remained on a developer-centric environment, and ad hoc meetings with key stakeholders took place as needed, sometimes multiple times a day, to fine-tune the UI and implement the correct business logic. This collaborative, flexible approach led to the successful creation of the xFabric platform, showcasing the dedication and expertise of the entire team.

UI/UX Design Process

In the xFabric project, S&P designers had a multifaceted role. They streamlined communication with the development team and provided invaluable support beyond establishing project structure. Additionally, the dedicated design team was tasked with elevating the existing design system, collaborating closely with the client and lead designer to craft user flows that exceeded stakeholder expectations, leading to a highly successful project.

Support for Development

Designers were instrumental in streamlining communication with the development team and were always available for support beyond establishing WoW and structure.

Design System

For the xFabric project, the dedicated design team faced a multifaceted challenge of not only preserving but also elevating the existing design system, ensuring its continued relevance and effectiveness while exploring opportunities for enhancement.

Design Flows

The Design team played a central role by crafting and validating user flows. Their efforts included close collaboration with the client and the project’s lead designer, ensuring the development of a design that met objectives and exceeded the expectations of all stakeholders, resulting in a highly successful and well-received project.

Stakeholder management

In the xFabric project, the S&P design team played a pivotal role in structuring operations. Their tasks included designing workflows, conducting audits, and optimizing communication with the development team. This comprehensive effort was instrumental in ensuring the project’s smooth execution.

Development Process

Throughout the development process adopting an agile approch, which meant the ability to adapt to constant change, was the way the web application took shape.
Requirements were based on highly polished Figma screens and flows and within daily meetings. Minimal official meetings (one per day) ensured an developer-centric environment where adhoc meetings happened with key stakeholders sometimes more than once a day for delivering UI as well as the correct business logic.

Proof of Concept Validation

Has been performed through constant communication with the customer, who offered both specialty feedback and relayed user feedback gathered from across their ecosystem, with adaptability being the major point.

System Architecture Design

The app uses a Next.js frontend for speedy, SEO-friendly pages, and an Express.js modularized monolith for the backend with RESTful architecture. This ensures great user experience and search engine visibility.


The application relied heavily on the frontend website builder as the backend main actions were: persisting the final product created by the user and ensure an authentication layer and domain setup.

Cloud Infrastructure Setup

Incorporated Digital Ocean as a main cloud provider and AWS as a redundancy provider. Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL and Jenkins were the main tools used to power the application.

Extensive QA & Stress Testing

The app underwent rigorous Kanban-based testing across desktop and mobile, ensuring compatibility with major OS and top 5 browsers. Stress testing covered API, backend, and in-app scenarios for both new and existing features.

Agile Way of Working

Using Kanban, the team maintained a continuous workflow, adapting to changing priorities by handling complex features asynchronously. Each team member focused on individual features, enabling parallel work to address the client’s evolving needs.

The Outcome

In the evolving landscape of blockchain and the Metaverse, xFabric emerges as a groundbreaking solution, offering users unparalleled accessibility to the world of Web3. With a dedicated team of seven members driving innovation since 2022, xFabric has redefined the way blockchain technology is accessible.

xFabric’s platform, built on a sovereign blockchain module, empowers users to effortlessly create tailored websites, from NFT marketplaces to professional showcases, with seamless integration of domain hosting, analytics, multimedia, and SEO. Leveraging partnerships and expertise from Salt & Pepper, xFabric ensures top-notch quality and reliability for its users.

Technologically advanced, xFabric is built using technologies such as React, Node.js, and AWS, ensuring optimal performance and scalability. Despite challenges, including UX optimization and seamless integration of multiple applications, the team successfully delivered an MVP within three months.

The development process embraced agility, fostering daily collaboration between designers and developers to adapt to changing requirements and stakeholder feedback. Supported by rigorous QA testing and a robust cloud infrastructure, xFabric stands as a testament to the team’s dedication and expertise, heralding a new era of accessibility and innovation in blockchain technology.

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