HID Global iOS Mobile App for physical access control

Improved physical access experience with a modern look and feel, integrated into Apple Wallet

We put together a new mobile iOS app that is used for holding Mobile Identification (Mobile Credentials) and engaging in communication with HID Readers in order to transfer security data (keys/credentials) and unlock doors.

5 Team members
2022 – 2023 Partnership

6 Team members
2022-2023 Partnership

The Company and Product

HID Global is an American manufacturer of secure identity products. The company is an independent brand of Assa Abloy, a Swedish door and access control conglomerate.

The team in Sweden has reached out in search of a new dev partner to accelerate the development and execution of a defined scope of work – a new mobile iOS Application.

Salt & Pepper delivered a beta app on time and met all of the client’s needs. They worked in a pragmatic, structured, and punctual manner, ensuring a seamless workflow. Virtual meetings and regular email updates led to a smooth workflow. Salt & Pepper’s professionalism was evident.

Almir Zupcic
Director & Senior Product Manager HID Global

Scope and highlights

Accelerate HID mobile application development process and rewrite the old application from scratch using SwiftUI.

100 K+

App Users

5 Million

Doors open across the world through the HID Mobile app

UI/UX Design Enhancement

Enhancement of the client’s user interface to deliver a visually captivating and user-friendly mobile app experience.

Simplifying user flows and interactions to create a seamless and captivating user experience, while effectively managing the HID readers.

Incorporation of modern design elements and intuitive gestures for easy navigation and interaction with the mobile app.

Mobile Application Development

Integration of HID proprietary Origo SDK that handled the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity for seamless communication with HID readers.

Integration with HID’s proprietary collaboration with Apple Wallet.

Working at the edge of what’s possible within the Apple ecosystem for App background usage, Bluetooth connectivity & Apple Wallet.

Project Management

Client and stakeholder management that ensured a streamlined way of working.

Agile processes in place with clearly defined outcomes and reporting.

Thorough understanding of client needs and motivations to frame implementation.



Swift iOS

Low Energy

HID proprietary Origo SDK

Project Management


Manual QA

The Challenge

The project had two important goals: the successful integration with Apple Wallet that led to a showcase in front of Apple representatives and successfully releasing the mobile application worldwide for HID’s clients.

Key challenges of the project:

  • Integrating HID’s proprietary SDK that handled Bluetooth communication.
  • Working with proprietary Apple methods that were specifically designed for HID Global in order to create a proprietary integration between HID cards and Apple Wallet. 
  • Conducting extensive QA testing of the mobile application and stress testing different HID lock mechanisms to ensure a great user experience, especially for custom proprietary gestures from HID like “Twist & Go“.

The Process

The development process commenced with an initial sprint, marking the project’s initiation. The entire team convened for a comprehensive briefing, collaborating closely with HID Global to document processes and facilitate the transfer of specialised knowledge required for the project. This involved reviewing HID Global’s technical architecture and, when necessary, ensuring seamless integration with their external systems. Subsequently, we meticulously validated assumptions and dependencies, defining and prioritising the Product Backlog while establishing clear Acceptance criteria for the project.

UI/UX Design Process

A research project was undertaken to address various UI/UX issues, resulting in effective strategies to overcome them. The team optimized the app’s design by utilizing standard iOS components, which expedited frontend development by leveraging existing code. Working closely with the development team, they provided resources, support, and detailed documentation to ensure successful implementation and a satisfied client.

Clear user flows and edge cases were defined, aiding stakeholders in understanding the app’s user experience and streamlining the development process. By employing established iOS Human Interface atomic design and Figma methodologies, the team saved time on future changes, enhanced future features, and facilitated faster implementation.

Through workshops, research, and open communication with the client, the team proposed solutions that improved the old app’s UX and visual appeal, leading to a final product that enhanced user engagement.


Research was conducted to identify effective solutions for various UI/UX issues. This effort helped the team to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they faced and develop effective strategies to overcome them.

User Flow

The team defined clear user flows and edge cases, providing stakeholders with a better understanding of the app’s user experience. This approach also streamlined the development process by providing greater clarity to the dev team.


The team ensured that the app’s design utilized standard iOS components to the fullest extent possible, resulting in a quicker frontend development process for the dev team as they primarily utilized pre-existing components with their corresponding code.


Using established iOS Human Interface atomic design and Figma methodologies for scalability, fast updates, and reliable design framework, saved time on future changes, enhanced future features, and faster implementation.


The team worked closely with the development team, providing necessary resources and support to achieve the proposed features. They regularly provided detailed documentation and addressed any issues or concerns that arose during development to ensure a successful implementation and satisfied client.

Client management

The team held workshops, researched, and proposed solutions to improve the old app’s UX and visual appeal. Open communication with the client ensured a satisfying final product that enhanced user engagement.

Development Process

As the new App for HID Global had a very exciting feature which was the seamless integration with Apple Wallet, throughout the development process, we had to keep a very close collaboration with HID Global’s Development department in order to work as one team.

During the development process, a well-structured approach encompassing both discovery and execution phases was adopted, contributing to the overall success of the project.

In the discovery phase, an extensive briefing took place, allowing for a meticulous analysis of requirements. Specialised knowledge was effectively transferred, and a proof of concept was developed, which involved seamless integration of HID’s proprietary Origo SDK for Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, a scalable App architecture was designed, utilising SwiftUI for the UI layer, ensuring a robust and adaptable foundation for the application.

During the execution phase, features were incrementally developed, guided by the user stories collaboratively defined with the HID team and the expert technical decisions made by Salt&Pepper’s experienced team. Our utmost priority was to ensure seamless integration between HID’s App and Apple Wallet, alongside fostering seamless communication between the App and HID readers. Throughout the development process, we placed a strong emphasis on prioritising an exceptional user experience.

Proof of Concept Validation

First, as HID’s Origo SDK was a core component of the new mobile application, our first step was to validate the proprietary custom Origo SDK integration and to ensure that its API was working as expected.

App Architecture Design

We prioritised scalability and Apple API compatibility in the mobile App Architecture, incorporating SwiftUI for the UI layer. This robust design, created in collaboration with the HID team, aims to minimize maintenance updates for an extended life span.

Mobile App Development

Our team in close collaboration with HID’s development team developed a very robust, scalable and feature-rich application working at the edge of what’s possible within Apple’s ecosystem.

Extensive QA & Stress Testing

Thorough quality assurance testing was carried out to guarantee the mobile app’s compatibility with the HID reader and seamless integration with Apple Wallet. In addition, rigorous stress testing was performed specifically with the HID reader to ensure flawless functionality of the custom gestures, ultimately delivering a superior user experience.

Agile Way of Working

We adopted SCRUM Agile methodology, collaborating closely with HID’s development team as a unified entity. Our work was delivered iteratively in two-week sprints, ensuring steady and efficient development. Regular reviews and demos facilitated effective stakeholder management and project alignment.

The Outcome

The project team achieved a successful delivery of the new HID mobile access application, seamlessly integrating it with HID readers’ communication and Apple Wallet. Initially, a demo-ready Apple Wallet integration was promptly provided, followed by the development and delivery of a comprehensive mobile application. This enhanced the overall user experience of access control for HID’s global clientele, effectively meeting their needs and expectations.

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