Driving Smart Devices Innovation with IoT App Design & Development

Leverage our 8+ years of expertise in advanced software and cloud solutions to power your smart and connected devices. We specialize in delivering innovative IoT applications for smart homes, consumer wearables, and health & wellness devices.

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Companion Mobile Application 

Immediate relief and improved sleep with bluetooth enabled temperature wristband

React Native, Firebase, Bluetooth Low Energy, NodeJS, Google Cloud, NoSQL, BigQuery


iOS Mobile & Apple Watch App

Secure and seamless physical access experience using iPhone & Apple Watch apps

Swift iOS, Bluetooth Low Energy, WatchKit, Figma, HID Origo SDK


End-to-End IoT Solutions for Consumers and Businesses

We design & build IoT applications for a range of devices, platforms and industries.

Smart Homes
Health & Wellness
Smart Access Controls

IoT development services we offer

IoT Consulting

Strategize your IoT roadmap with expert consulting, navigating from concept through planning to execution. Our insights drive innovation, minimize time-to-market, and ensure alignment with your budget.

  • High-level IoT consulting for complex business problems
  • Digital product development consultancy for wearable and connected devices
  • Consulting for digital transformation initiatives

IoT Proof of Concept (POC) Development

Validate your IoT software integrations and solutions with our POC development service, ensuring feasibility and technical viability within your connected devices ecosystem.

  • Firmware development
  • Rapid mobile & cloud prototyping

Backend development & Infrastructure for IoT

Build robust and solid IoT backend architectures that ensure the stable performance of your applications. We focus on scalable IoT applications, utilizing custom or industry-specific protocols and end-to-end data encryption for reliable performance and seamless communication between IoT devices and platforms.

  • Cloud-based data storage and processing: AWS, Google Cloud
  • OTA firmware updates solutions
  • Accessible through web or mobile applications

IoT Firmware Development

Create and integrate custom firmware solutions that allow IoT devices to collect data, transfer it to the cloud, and interact with other devices.

IoT Product Design

Craft user-centric IoT products with our UI/UX design service, focusing on usability and seamless integration across your device ecosystem for an superior user experience.

  • Problem Discovery & Solution Validation
  • Ideation & Prototyping
  • User Experience & User Interface Design

IoT Mobile & Web Apps for Connected Devices

We design and deliver robust web and mobile applications that enhance your IoT ecosystem, offering seamless control and connectivity. Our solutions can enable efficient management of interconnected smart devices from a single hub, providing on-the-go data access and remote control over your connected devices.

  • Real-time sensor data visualization & control dashboabrds
  • Mobile apps for wearables & smart home devices
  • Admin dashboards for consumer electronics

IoT Data Analytics & Data Visualization

Empower your teams to make proactive and confident decisions by harnessing the full potential of AI and machine learning. Our IoT data analytics and visualization solutions, whether custom or platform-based, unlock actionable insights from IoT-generated data, guiding strategic initiatives.

  • Capture, collect, and structure your connected device data
  • Synthesize data and create visualizations based on your business needs
  • Put AI to work and make your connected ecosystem smarter

Our Clients

The Oval - Smart Docking Station
Neteera - Remote Patient Monitoring Platform
Vivior - Vision Behaviour Monitor

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