Summer 2020 (June 20 – September 20)
6 hours / day | 5 days / week

Applications for Summer Internship 2020 are now closed!

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Why join us?

  • Learn alongside a dedicated technology mentor
  • Teamwork to build from scratch a digital product
  • Solve creative coding problems
  • Participate in weekly workshops
  • Work alongside creative coding heroes

and also learn without noticing: Project Management, UI/UX, Product development, Agile working system, Best technology practices

Available positions

React Native


Position closed

React JS


Position closed

Node JS


Position closed

And learn how to work with: Advanced Javascript concepts, React, React Native, SCSS, HTML5, Design Patterns, Database design

Internship info

Period: Summer 2020 (June 20 – September 20)
6 hours / day | 5 days / week – flexible hours
Sign up untill: May 15, 2020 and open positions are closed when a new hero teammate is found.

Unpaid internship with the possibility to get hired after the programme

Looking for final-year students (bachelor or master)

About us

We are a full-service software development company dedicated to building digital products that matter. We do this by providing a complete range of services required for building great products: consulting services, business analysis, UI/UX design, web and mobile development, quality assurance and maintenance.

Intern responsibilities

Work with a team of seasoned developers to develop the UI and UX of the company mobile and web application.

How to join the internship

  1. Complete the submission form bellow
  2. Answer a skill and technical test
  3. Get to know us at the interview

Competition rules

Sign up & Participation

A valid email address is required in order to be selected for the test.

The Selection Test

After signing up you will receive an email (in 2 working days after submission) with all the details regarding the selection test.

Fair play

It’s important to create your own original code and solutions. Any cheating attempt can get you disqualified.

Just be creative and enjoy the process!

Applications for Summer Internship 2020 are now closed!

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