All about #YachtWeek – another type of teambuilding

Irina Ielciu

Digital Marketing

Once upon a time – almost a month ago – we embarked on a different type of teambuilding as we went from sailing the digital seas to sailing the actual seas of Greece.

Finding a single word to describe our yacht week experience seems impossible. Trust us, we tried. But we can tell you a full collection of words, from courage, curiosity, novelty, friendship, and even go as far as finding suitable expressions like being stranded with friends, learning how to sail together or discovering ourselves through different experiences.

Imagine this: seven days, four islands, two cities and a lot of bathing into the crystal clear water. And the best part? Your ‘hotel’ comes along with you, on your journey, and so it seems like everything is ready for you to start exploring.

Our itinerary looked like this: we started from the port of Athens, went to Poros island, then Spetses island, followed by Ermioni, Hydra and Aegina and then back to Athens. We sailed our way towards the sun, and evaded areas with bad weather, resulting in only one cloudy day. Even Hercules would’ve been jealous of us and our unsated want for adventure.

Each city and island had its own distinct culture and way of living. Even the architecture was somewhat different – it almost felt like visiting different countries.

We did it all, from bathing in the sea with the fish, late-night parties, jumping from the top of the yacht into the water, fishing, snorkelling, to dinner on the island, hiking, late-night exploring of the narrow village streets and a lot of steps to see everything. It all comes down to an array of experiences, emotions, sights, tastes, colours and places.

It was another type of teambuilding, one in which we had the chance to discover ourselves while also get to know our teammates outside working hours. It was a trip where we had to push our limits, especially when we hiked to the highest point of the Hydra island – although a little bit challenging as it was a six-hour hike and we were not actually equipped for it and we only had our summer attire on, the finish line showed us that it was really worth it. It showed us that sometimes you have to climb the highest peak to get to know the light.

It was a journey in which we had fun together, especially during our late-night exploring of the villages, when we encountered no less than 48 cats. We laughed when we couldn’t find a working ticket machine for a tram journey in Athens and so we had to illegally commute for 45 minutes straight. We bonded, sharing stories of ourselves while making breakfast or just lounging around on the yacht.

The beauty of this experience comes from all the fun and stories we’ve shared, but most importantly, it all comes down to one thing: we learned how to be a better team. Simply because we were on a yacht didn’t mean that we were only on vacation. We needed to master a lot of boat-related terms and actions, especially when it came to dock the yacht. You cannot do it alone – everyone needs to do something, like throwing the hawser, dropping the anchor or hang the boat fenders. It takes knowing how to work together to master it. Each one of us had his task for which he had to be responsible.

We got a better understanding of ourselves and our team. It was a different and new experience for each one of us. And it’s one we would recommend to anyone looking for different and awesome team-building activities.